Embarrassing Period Story, Cramps & All the Emotions


Hey there lovely people. Hows your day going? If by chance, it’s going bad… I’m about to tell you a story that may make you feel better about your day. You know those stories that you’re like ‘well at least that didn’t happen to me’, yes well this is one of those stories.

So, yesterday was a really nice day – I reunited with some old friends, got to see their new baby and had to say goodbye to my friend moving to Australia but I love spending time with him because he is so much fun. Anyway, so it was a really nice day. Near the end, I could feel the cramps creeping in and I thought ‘crap’.

Firstly, it was three days early and secondly I was wearing a white G-string. We left and I said goodbye to him and walked straight into Boots to get painkillers and pads. As soon as I walked into the chemist, I felt it, it had happened – my period had arrived. Little did I expect you could see it all over the front of my pants, I looked down and all over my vaginal area of my Mom jeans was covered in blood.

Lucky enough for me, my friends were late so I had a massive Penneys’ bag that I just put in front of me and ran to the self-service. You could not buy Panadol there which meant – I would have to live with the pain, great. I got the pads and ran to the bathroom. Another, lucky thing was I happened to buy leggings in Penneys while I was shopping so I could change.

My sister was waiting outside the shopping center for me and dropped me to my bus – that’s right I had to get a two and a half hours bus to Limerick and I was in agony. I know not everyone gets really bad cramps, but I get so ill, really really ill. I hate painkillers, never use them, I brave every pain I might get until it comes to cramps because I simply can’t cope with the pain.

On the bus, it was horrible, really horrible. I would have got off only it was an express. At the same time I felt like I was going to faint, shit myself (sorry for the grossness) and that someone was inside my stomach stabbing me. I passed out for about twenty minutes from the pain and the rest of the time I was wanting to die.

When I got to Limerick, I couldn’t believe I made it. I had to get a take away and use their toilet while I waited and to try and not faint from the pain. I am a very patient person, but I had a low tolerance for the girl behind the counter (in my head), I could feel myself getting furious at her but not realising my food was ready and handing it to me, which wouldn’t usually happen, but on your period, well I can be a different person.

I eventually got back and took a pain killer and my appetite was gone. I barely ate the food. Eventually I passed out and woke up at 6am in agony.

I knew my period was on it’s way because my skin was breaking out – but it wasn’t as bad as it usually gets so I thought I still had time.

I get it this bad at least every second month – if I don’t have painkillers, I don’t sleep, eat or function. I’ve been sent home from work, school, I’ve had to lay down on the streets before with people thinking I was going to pass out and I usually have to lie down on my bathroom floor practically naked until the painkillers kick in.

I love being a woman, I really do but for the first 24 hours of my period I dream of being a man. My face is covered in spots, I’m angry, I’m upset over nothing, I usually eat A LOT, I’m in pain, I feel like I’m going to pass out and it’s days I need to do things, I need to go to Uni or work or whatever.

Today, I was supposed to go to a gym class and I had to miss it even though I really need to go, if I had of gone my body just wouldn’t have healed. You might think I’m being dramatic – my Mom used to, she used to think I used it as an excuse to leave school or college until one day she seen me lying on the bathroom floor pale as a ghost with tears running down my face and she never questioned it again.

I don’t know if I have a low tolerance for pain and the pain isn’t that bad, but I really don’t think that’s the case, I believe it is an extreme pain.

Why do we have to go through such an experience each month? Why couldn’t it be easy and we wouldn’t even know it was there? Oh, if only.

If you have any remedies for period cramps, PLEASE send them this way. Sorry for the grossness today, but I just need to talk about it and vent a little about my life. I also hope that if anyone else gets their periods as bad as me they won’t feel alone in it.

Thanks for reading ❤

Lots of love,

Belle x

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What Is Happiness?

Recently, in one of my classes my lecturer asked us to take a moment and think about ‘what happiness is to me’. Her plans is to record all of our answers and combine them all together into a video, which I think is an awesome idea.

She didn’t say how long it could be and when I sat and thought about what happiness is, I couldn’t put it into one sentence. To me, happiness is a bunch of moments, it’s moments in a day that get us through the day. It’s the moments that in that moment nothing else matter, it can be linked with excitement or relief or other emotions – but usually for that moment it shines through and you can see it on a person – they glow.

I believe we all just want to be happy and that at the end of the day when we grow up we all just want to be happy, it’s the end goal. Sometimes we can get wrapped in other people’s happiness without thinking about our own happiness and how different that is. People are different, we all want different things in life.

Here’s some things that remind me of happiness…

Happiness is a drink of cold water on a hot day.

Happiness is a hot bath after a long day.

Happiness is a sunset or sunrise that lights up the whole sky.

Happiness is my dog’s reaction when he sees me, his tail swinging back and forth, his high pitched excitement barks and his twirls he does in front me that resemble a happy dance.

Happiness is the arrivals at an airport, it’s the moment two people see each other after not seeing each other for quite some time, it’s the holding back of the tears as they run to each other and hug.

Happiness is seeing two elderly people hold hands.

Happiness is the moment a Mother holds her baby for the first time after giving birth, as the memory of the pain fades away. Happiness is the moment she looks at her partner as they stare down at the baby and her in amazement.

Happiness is the moment two parents see their adoptive baby for the first time.

Happiness is the moment the groom/wife looks up and sees their spouse walking up the aisle to them, it’s the moment they catch eyes and they share a look of love.

Happiness is eating really good food.

Happiness is cuddling your pet on the sofa.

Happiness is the person you have a crush on asking you out.

Happiness is the initial moment you see a view, may it be a beach or a view from a building or mountain, it’s the moment before you take your phone out to get a picture, it’s the moment you think ‘wow’.

Happiness is the moment you realise your reading a good book and you simply can not put it down, it’s the moment you realise nothing in the world matters right now except what happens next in this book.

Happiness is getting in to your warm bed after a long day.

Happiness is discovering a new show and falling madly in love with it and repeatedly telling yourself ‘just one more episode’.

Happiness is running home because you seen your favourite show just released a full series.

Happiness is that moment at a concert when the act asks you to put all your lights/phone in the air and you look around you and the view takes your breath away.

Happiness is an unexpected gift.

Happiness is that moment at a concert when the act holds the microphone out to the crowd and the crowd sings each lyric word for word and in that moment you have never heard anything more beautiful.

Happiness is passing a test you thought you failed.

Happiness is being offered your dream job.

Happiness is seeing the waiter/waitress bring out your food.

Happiness is seeing someone you love feel happy.

Happiness is the excitement on Christmas eve as you head to bed early waiting for Santa to come.

Happiness is running down the stairs with your family as you see all the gifts Santa left you.

Happiness is sitting around the table with people you love.

Happiness is hearing a baby laugh.

Happiness is seeing a baby walk or talk or do something for the first time.

Happiness is that moment you reach the toilet after running to get there thinking ‘I’ll never make it’.

Happiness is laughing so hard at something you can’t stop and your belly starting to hurt.

Happiness is a good movie.

Happiness is being in the arms of someone you love.

Happiness is being excited about the future.

Happiness is seeing old friends and knowing nothing has changed between you.

Happiness is finding that new song and connecting to every lyric.

Happiness is being out dancing and hearing your favourite song come on.

Happiness is take outs on the sofa.

Happiness is being at a comedy gig and laughing your head off.

Happiness is finding money you forgot you had.

Happiness is not having to set an alarm the next day.

Happiness is racing someone into the ocean.

Happiness is your favourite team winning a game.

Happiness is achieving a goal.

Happiness is everywhere.

Happiness is simplicity.

I could continue on with this list, because happiness really is everywhere. We treat happiness as a destination, a place we’ll go to and never leave, unfortunately we might go in and out or even just go there on holiday but we can visit as much as we please. We treat happiness as this big massive thing when actually it’s lots of little things and moments that make us unable to take the smile of our face, it’s the sense of inner peace and even if it only lasts moments, it’s enough to get us through the day.

Some of the happiest people I know have no money, they barely get by week to week but they are so rich in other areas of their life, they are loved. We are all different, we are all looking for happiness, but we will all find it in different areas, but we’re all looking for it.

I ask you all to take a moment and think to yourself ‘what happiness is to me’ – you might surprise yourself.

Make sure to leave comments! Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,

Belle x

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Netflix and Chill – What I’ve been watching recently

As most of you know, I like to watch a lot of movies and TV series, mainly on Netflix – as well, this isn’t my first post like this. There is many joys in life and one of mine is finding a good movie that makes my heart happy or a TV series I simply can not live my life until it’s over (hey, I never said it’s a healthy obsession).

Below are a list of things I’ve been watching from November until well, now. I will include a brief description of what I believe the movie was about and simply advise if I enjoyed it and would recommend it to you guys! I do realise taste varies and something I might not enjoy someone else might and vice versa. Let’s get into it shall we…

TV shows:

Friends – I can tell from my Twitter news feed, Snapchat and Instagram stories that everyone was over the moon when Netflix released all series of Friends on New Years day – what a way to begin 2018! If you haven’t seen Friends, it’s a TV series about six friends Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel and Ross. During the series you follow each character as they face certain difficulties in their lives break-ups, divorces, babies, jobs and lots more. Although the series is full of drama, the main thing is humour, the humour the show brings is bound to make you laugh out loud each episode. I love this show and have done for many years and I would definitely recommend this one!

Stranger Things – OMG!! This show! It literally blows my mind. I went into this show not knowing anything about the storyline and I was shook. So, I don’t want to give much away. Actually, I don’t want to give anything away, I want you all to have the same experience as me. Watch it, thank me later. I will just say that the Duffer brothers (creators of the show) imagination is astonishing and I am obsessed with their work.

Riverdale – I mention this in most blog posts I do like this, because it’s that good. Riverdale is based around Archie, Jugghead, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl and their friends and family. I see Riverdale as a murder mystery with lots of twists. The second series is even darker and there has been so many shocks, twists and turns and I’ve not expected one thing. I really recommend this show!


The Jane Austin Book Club: Five woman and one man come to together to form a book club that they only read Jane Austin books, each with different opinions and ideas of what Jane meant in each book. Each person doesn’t realise how much this book club will mean to them and how beautiful friendships will form. I really loved this one and I now really want to read Jane Austin – I feel like if you’ve read a lot of Jane’s work you might even enjoy it more. That being said I hadn’t read any and I loved the movie.

Love, the Coopers (Christmas with the Coopers) – I wasn’t going to put any Christmas movies in, but I watched this one yesterday because I didn’t know it was on Netflix and I got so excited I had to watch it – I didn’t care that it was January, so as I watched it in January, it’s added to the list. The movie follows a family as they come together for one day and it seems no body is really looking forward to it. With Emma dreading spending time with her sister Charlotte, their Dad hating how competitive they were towards each other, whilst his granddaughter is hiding out in the airport dreading the thought of going home and lots more. I love this movie very much and I really recommend watching it or at least watching it in December.

Notting Hill – A romantic tale of an unlikely meeting of a Hollywood superstar and a travel book shop owner. Soon, that meeting turns into a budding romance and love sparks. This movie brings lots of heartbreak also with the pair realising it’s not easy to be together. This movie is a classic, I highly recommend.

Love, Rosie – Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were little, it’s very clear that Alex loves Rosie and vice versa. The two seem to tell each other everything but yet the two never seem to tell each other how they feel. Life gets in the way for these two and they find themselves on separate paths, with that being said they always stay in contact, who knows what the future holds for Rosie and Alex? You’ll have to watch to see. I love, this movie, I love it a lot.

As Good As It Gets – The very structured life of a sour (to many he’s very mean), obsessive-compulsive author is put out of sorts when he’s drawn into the lives of his favourite waitress who is a single Mother and his gay neighbour. In the opening scene, I did not like him, I really did not – but I grew to love him and understand him and his ways. A very heart warming movie with lots of humour along the way. Highly recommended, highly.

Sydney White – Sydney heads off to college in hope of joining her Mother’s sorority to feel more connected to her Mother. When she finally joins the sorority she realises that the girls in the sorority are actually very mean and all part of a clique. Soon, she finds herself kicked out her sorority and finds shelter in a house (that is falling apart) with seven outcasts. I enjoyed this movie and loved to see someone fighting for the underdog. It’s definitely a teen-drama kind of movie, which I enjoy.

Just My Luck – Boy has no luck at all, he is the definition of bad luck. Girl is annoyingly lucky and everything just seems to fall into place for her. Girl meets boy and some how the roles are changed, however, girl doesn’t know who she actually kissed because it was at a masquerade party. She sets out on the hunt to find her mysterious kisser and get her luck back, whilst he’s right under her nose. I love me a rom-com and I love that McFly are in this movie too.

Date With Love – An actress needs her image cleaned up after a fall out with her boyfriend on the red carpet, she’s in luck when a young boy asks her to be his prom date on a clip that goes viral. Soon, she finds herself attracted to his English teacher and the love story begins. I like this movie but I didn’t love this movie.

The Fundamentals of Caring – This movie really warmed my heart, I was moved by the relationship between this young boy and his carer. A humourous story of how  a beautiful friendship is formed. Both characters realising they needed each other, they saved each other. They begin a road trip together and they find more friends who need help and a beautiful bond is formed. Watch it, thank me later.

And that’s all… for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed my list, thanks for reading!

Lots of love, 

Belle x




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My Struggles with Blogging and Social Media


Hey errrbody. How are we all doing? Before I begin the blog, I just wanted to state that I am in a very good place in my life. I started back at college this week, with new lecturers (who blow my mind) and new subjects (which fascinate me). I’ve been catching up with friends in the evenings after college and even though I didn’t think I was ready to come back – somehow it was just what I needed.

I began writing in this blog June last year, after a very long time of wanting to write a blog, I posted my first one and it felt great. I began blogging on my phone because at this time I didn’t own a laptop, nor had I ever owned a laptop, so I didn’t really know what my blog looked like on the big screen.

To put my blog into a category, I simply wouldn’t be able to, but someone once described it to me as “BlogAlongWithMe covers lifestyle, social issues and human interest” and I really liked it. At the end of August I started blogging every single day because I wanted to build my blog, I wanted to find my place as a blogger. I wanted to see what I liked to write about and my style of writing.

I came to a stage where I was afraid to not post in a day, I was afraid to not hit a certain amount of views and I was afraid of failure. So, what happened is, although 95% of my blogs were great blogs, well thought out and well written (ok, they had their mistakes, but they were OK), there was that 5% that were rushed and unorganised.

That 5% were blogs I didn’t need to write and I didn’t want to write them either and I was only doing it to stay consistent and blog everyday. During Blogmas I missed two days, but posted those days on another day, so I still had 25 posts that month. On the 26th of December, I had this guilt and voice in my head all day saying “write a blog, you need to write a blog, what are you going to write about?” and I had ideas, I knew what I could write about, but I just was exhausted, mentally and physically.

December, for me, was full of assignment due dates, birthdays, exams, shopping and family. On Christmas day, I made the whole dinner myself which meant, for a large portion of the day I was on my feet rushing around and getting everything together. Now, I enjoy cooking so it was all good to me, but it is still a lot of pressure, especially with this being my first Christmas dinner I cooked all by myself.

The 26th was my friends Christmas get together and let’s just say that began in the pub at 4:30pm and I think I arrived home at 6am. It’s the one time of year, all my friends from home (all from different groups) are in the same room and it’s lots of fun (too much sometimes). So, I missed a day of blogging and then the 27th was the big hangover of the year and it was spent trying not to vomit, regrets and Netflix.

Always in my mind was this blog and I knew myself and I kept telling myself ‘I need time off’. Christmas to me, is a time with a full house and a time to be in the moment and not stuck in my laptop (which by the way, I bought in September for college), also my sisters would definitely not allow me to have my head stuck in my phone or laptop for long periods (not everyone knows I write this blog).

Somewhere, along that time I decided I was taking a break from blogging, that I needed to relax and enjoy my time off. This was both a good and bad idea for me for quite a lot of reasons. Yes, that time off was needed, but here’s the thing about time off, the more time off you have the more you start to think and soon things turn into over thinking and soon you just shut down.

I was in my head too much. I started to follow bloggers on Instagram, these were girls who were doing so well blogging and had thousands of followers on Instagram and were travelling to such beautiful places and I was jealous, I’m not going to lie, I was looking at their life and thinking I want some of that.

I found myself scrolling through their feeds and wanting their clothes, everyone of them had great style and I began hating everything I owned. I wasn’t thinking about anything but the pictures, I wasn’t thinking about how long these girls have been doing it for, how this is their full time jobs and how a picture definitely does not always tell the truth.

The biggest thing I had to remember is actually what I wanted out of my life. I had to say to myself “do you want their life?”, “do you want to drop out of your course to become a full time blogger?” and “can you handle people’s opinions on everything you do?”. Once, I asked myself these questions, it was like a penny dropped.

As much as I admire their life, I honestly believe I would just want to travel, eat good food and have nice clothes, but I know that all of that alone, would make me happy for a while, but not always. I spent time travelling and in search of myself and I didn’t find who I was or where I was supposed to be until I started to study and I was unbelievably happy. The kind of happy that I dreamed of. That happiness that makes me want to run to college everyday.

I believe I could handle people’s opinions of what I do, but I can see on some people’s Twitter or Instagram comments that it’s not always easy and even though you might have a thick skin and be able to take on a lot, we all have our insecurities. Insecurities that we can control and take care of – but when multiple people are writing your insecurities under a picture of you which you happened to love – I can only imagine that it gets too much sometimes.

I applaud people who are able to shrug this all off, but I believe you shouldn’t have to. I really wish that people would find it in their hearts to not be so cruel under people they have never met or know nothing about or anyone really photo’s, it really says more about the person leaving the comment than anything else.

There might be a time in my life when I want to become a full time blogger and I am working toward this but right now I’m happy where I am. I let myself get stuck in my own insecurities and I found myself wishing I was someone else, when actually being me is pretty good.

I want to take this time to say that I admire, look up to and respect all the bloggers I follow on social media and this was nothing to do with them – they are out their living their lives and for a moment I was just getting, well, jealous. Not, angry or green eyed but more of a sad feeling. This had nothing to do with the people in the photos but more of where they were and what they were getting up to.

Social media is an awesome place but we do have to be cautious with it too. It is definitely ok to take a step back and evaluate where you are and where you want to be. I needed to do this. If I had said to myself that ‘in fact, yes, I want to drop out of college, become a full time blogger and take this very seriously’ then I would have had to begin a plan to do so. I would have to make some change in my life, because, that’s what I wanted to do and if that’s what I wanted to do I wouldn’t be happier doing anything else and I would have just been wasting time and energy.

We all have different journeys in life, things can change for us so often. We are all just on the search for happiness and looking for ways to become happy in this life. I was away from my course, I was exhausted and I was busy and I began to question where my life was going, but when I came back to college this week, I remembered I’m in the best place of my life I’ve ever been and I need to let myself be happy.

Blogging is a massive part of my happiness and I will continue to write and share my journey with you all (if you’ll have me). I have decided to not blog everyday but at least three times a week, I’ve also decided to only write what I want or need to write about and not to write just for the sake of writing. I’m excited for the new year.

Thank you all for being here and listening to me! I hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to 2018.

Lots of love,

Belle x 

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What I got for Christmas 🌹🎁🎀


Christmas is over, this makes me sad. It flew by this year didn’t it? I feel like with a blink of an eye it was all over. I’m not one to wish time away, but I do love Christmas and can’t wait for Christmas ’18. Ok calm down me, maybe let’s just live for Spring first. 🌹

I have said a hundred times during Blogmas that presents to me are probably my least favourite part of it all. Don’t get me wrong they can be a pretty amazing part of the day but for me it’s more about seeing all my family gathered together, playing games, laughing and eating delicious food.

With that being said, I am always so grateful for the presents I get. People are so generous and it honestly warms my heart.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about what people got for Christmas and even a few YouTube videos about it and I have to say I loved them and I thought I’d give it a go, mind you some of my presents aren’t below because I’ve eaten them or they are in the wash (I’m a bit late to the party).

Firstly, clothes. Clothes is always appreciated by this lady because I’m a person who claims quite often that ‘I have nothing to wear’. I also got lots of pairs of pyjamas and fluffy socks but they have definitely been worn by now and a pair of jeans I ended up wearing too.


Starting with top left a ‘Girls Support Girls’ top because YES to that message. The next top is from Asos, under the & marks which you can’t see is the word ‘Unity’, Asos partnered with Glaad to make this tshirt, GLAAD works to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance and create meaningful change. Next up ‘Spread Hummus Not Hate’ and if that isn’t my motto in life I don’t know what is, my sister found this is on Etsy. Bottom left a jumper saying ‘Magnifique’ which also came with a surprise that I will fill you in on later. Beside that is my friends, the Pink Sugg life jumper, YEY!! And lastly a big red cosy jumper from Penneys.

Secondly, bits and bobs! These are a few random things that didn’t fit into any other category.


A Harry Potter mirror and bauble, a ‘love’ photo frame, Penney’s vouchers, eye mask, Mrs. Potts moneybox, hot water bottle (which was used a lot over the holidays), bookmarks with travel quotes, an Angel calender and the very wonderful and talented Niall Horan – Flicker album. 💖

Next is diaries, notepads and journals!


A 5 year journal which is so cool you answer a question everyday for five years, Harry Potter notepad (can you tell I like Harry Potter?), two 2018 diaries and a Zoella ‘Stay on top of your world’ journal.

Next up hair and beauty. 🌸


To the left, to the left, Anjou set of eight vegan make up brushes, below a box of Lush vegan treats (the smell of this box is to die for 🌹), the middle is a Remington Hairdryer and straighteners for my college house, ‘Stuff me with your stuff’ make up bag, The Body Shop vegan foundation Hawaii Macadamia 024 shade (my first time trying this shade as I usually use Bali Vanilla 020 but I felt it was too light for me and wanted to go up a shade), Elf Vegan Concealer, Eco Tools Vegan double sided eyeshadow brushes and my Sukin vegan natural deodorant.

Next, books!! 📚📚


From right to left, Melissa Hill ‘Keep you safe’, above that is ‘How Not to Die’ by Michael Gregory, MD with Gene Stone is a book about the importance of diet and how it can prevent diseases, to the left of this is Ruth Fitzmaurie ‘I Found My Tribe’ which I actually bought for my Momma too, ‘How to go Vegan’ a book about going Vegan – even though I’ve been vegan three years, I am fascinated by the lifestyle and love learning more about it and lastly a cookbook 🍴 ‘Keep it vegan’ by Aine Carling – who is a winner of a Peta Vegan Food award.

And next, I got an Instax camera 📷 I have wanted a Polaroid camera for so long.


Next another picture goodie is a gift idea my little sister actually got from Niomi Smart gift guide. It’s photos printed from a website called cheers! How adorable is it? You can get the person their Instagram photos printed, it’s such a cool idea and it comes in the cutest box.


And it wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolate and sweets, I’ve eaten most of them by now. I got Candy Kittens – Sweet Pineapple Vegan Sweets and Percy Pigs the Vegan ones and more of these tasty organic vegan chocolate treats below. Chocolatey Clare Vegan bars we found at the Christmas Flee Market in Dublin and I’m very excited to taste them.


And lastly, as I said above my sister got me a top saying ‘Magnifique’ and it followed a surprise, well all my sisters got jumpers with French words on it because WE ARE GOING TO PARIS in May!! 🎉🎉🎉🙌🙌🙌 I’m so happy!

I feel so spoilt by all my loved ones! I’m over the moon with everything I got. I am forever grateful for the people in my life and getting spoilt by them and seeing their faces light up when I open the presents and they see my reaction!

I hope you enjoyed this blog my loves. 🌹

Lots of love, 

Belle x

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New Year, New Me – My New Year Resolutions 🌹


I’ve been pretty open about how I feel about myself on this blog, I’ve admitted to being a “working progress”, I’ve spoke about how I don’t feel good enough in areas of my life, I’ve spoke about my battle with my mental health and about how I know I’m not perfect, but I like it, having imperfections makes me different, it gives me goals, it gives me motivation. However, some of my imperfections can also bring me down and there the ones I’ve decided to work on this year.

I used to go into every year with a list of one hundred things I’d like to do in that year. The list was always impossible and never looked at again once I wrote it. It was more of a bucket list for life, instead of the year and it was very far from realistic.

This year, that changes. I want to set realistic goals. I want to prioritise the ones I want the most and work towards the bigger ones, whilst achieving smaller ones at a later stage in the year.

No matter what day you decide to change something about yourself or welcome something new into your life, if it’s New Years day or a week later or a month later, you’re making that change and that is so important, making that change, however big or small, shows you want it, you might need this change but commiting to this change and bringing into your life show’s you’re making steps in the right direction. You can do this.


My New Year Resolutions:

1. Get Fit – This is the biggest one for me and the one I will focus the most on. The biggest aim here is to be body confident, to be able to put on a dress or an outfit and think ‘I look good’. Exercise and food will be a massive part of this. I will introduce exercise back into my life but at a more serious, challenging and goal oriented way. Food, I need to cut down on bad foods and welcome more good foods into my life. I also will need to find balance. Balance will be key.

2. Stay sober – this is very easy for me to do, if it just involved me. People have an opinion or a judgement when I say I don’t want to or like to drink alcohol anymore. This year, I need to put myself above everyone else and not drink. My mental health isn’t able for the fear and with working out my body can’t handle the hangover feed. I plan on writing a blog about this and my decision to stay sober this year – coming soon.

These two are my two biggest goals and as you can see they are pretty big, however I believe they go together pretty well. These two will bring along some battles, I mean just getting out of bed and working out will be a challenge or beating the temptation of a chocolate bar or trying to explain to people that I just don’t want to drink alcohol anymore because I can’t handle it. The upside of it all is I hope it all brings me happiness within myself, it shows determination and confidence. I believe in me.

Smaller goals for me are:

1. Study hard: Work hard this year to achieve my study goals. Learn from my mistakes and work hard. The reason this isn’t higher is because I’ve been so commited to my studies that I want to continue this way for this year.

2. Go self hosted: I’m looking into this for May-June this year. I don’t want to rush everything at once as I feel it could get overwhelming all at once. I plan to do this over my Summer break. This will be a challenge for me because I’m not very tech savvy and when it comes to that part of it I’m pretty bad so it will be time to get my head stuck in and learn a lot about that side of my blog. Any tips please send this way.

3. Spend more time with family and friends, this also stands for stay in contact with people as much as possible. I’m pretty bad at reading a message and forgetting to reply, so I’m trying to change that.

4. Volunteer as much as possible. I want to spend a lot of this year giving back to those in need.

And that’s all my friends. Here’s to that feeling of achieving goals and feeling accomplished within ourselves.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2018 and spend it with people you love laughing and smiling. I hope you read life changing books, find art in the world, travel, meet new people and fall in love with yourself.

Lots of love,

Belle x 

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Happy 2018 you beautiful people! 💖🌟


Happy new year, you beautiful, incredible people. It’s 2018! A new year, a fresh start, an exciting adventure. I don’t know what this year holds for any of us but I hope it brings laughter, happiness, good health, excitement and plenty of love.

2017 was definitely an interesting year, good, bad, hilarious, terrifying, heartbreaking and well there was moments I thought the world was falling apart. We made it through.

However, not everyone did make it through. Whatever happened them, old age, battles with cancer or medical related, battles with mental health, accidents, horrible, horrible accidents or terrible non-accidents. You are missed and remembered.

You the people who lost that person, or people or animals. I remember how hard it is and I’m so sorry you had to go through that. The only thing I can say is time is your healer.

Thank you all for your amazing support on this blog. I planned to be back sooner than this, I stopped blogging on Christmas day and planned to blog the whole way through but that just wasn’t achievable for me. I was so busy, I was also battling a little bit of sadness and regret over something I couldn’t change and even though I tried to write about it, I just wasn’t ready to write. I needed that time. I believed my blog would be dead through that time because I wasn’t posting and when I came back on I seen I passed 500 followers and there was still so many lovely comments I felt like dancing. You’ll never know what that meant to me. I wanted to pick up the laptop and write straight away then.

I have my blogs lined up for a couple of days now and I’m excited for my 2018 content. I’m also very excited to catch up on your blogs and see what everyone’s been up to for Christmas – make sure to leave all links below, because my plan tonight is bed and blogs and I can’t wait.

Here’s to you and heres to 2018, the year of us.

Lots of love,

Belle x 

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